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I have always loved drawing, I have sketch books in my loft from my childhood. One thing that I have allways been good at is being able to copy drawings. Having learnt to use Photoshop has meant that my sketching has risen to a whole different level. For the lion I did a google search for lion heads. I found a suitable picture that I could use to copy. the one thing that Photoshop excels at is layers, it means that I can have the original on one layer to trace the outline and fill in the main features. This is done in black and white, I then draw in every hair and whisker with my brush set to smudge the drawing, this creates a realitsic look. As you can possibly see I only draw half of the face. I then copy that half, flip it and paste it to the original making the face appear whole. I then set my brush to colour mode, so that it will only effect the colour of the drawing and not the detail and paint over the colours. Because I have a black and white image that I'm applying the colour to it already has highlights and shadows. I then add additional detail by using the brush to blend the colours. Finaly I paint in the eye's, teeth etc and any other additional highlights or details. The result with the lion is clearly a painting, but by making the brush thinner, the detail increases until the result is photorealistic. Obviously the greater the detail, the longer the time to complete but the end result is something that I am very proud of. I love how his chin almost sticks out of the picture.



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