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Creative Future Instagram Takeover

I have been given an amazing opportunity by Creative Future to takeover their Instagram account for the week of November 15th -23rd. I will be showcasing some of my new works, set to a reboot of my literary piece called "The Visit" that will eventually combine to create my new exhibition about hidden disabilities and their effect on me and the wider community. Since 2010, mental and physical health have had a profound effect on me and how I interact with society. Not being able to leave the house or walk around a shop without having a panic attack is pretty scary. The physical side of my problems are in a way easier to deal with because other people can see that I am struggling, but they don't see the turmoil going on inside. To many, disability means being in a wheelchair, as a society we have subconsciously accepted this to be the norm. The disability logo is a representation of someone in a wheelchair. It excludes so many other types of disability, especially the hidden types. I recently read that the rules for the Blue Badge scheme were being changed to include hidden disabilities. Whilst I agree with this, I can also imagine that it will create friction in the car parks of the nation when someone who appears physically okay, parks their car in a disabled space. Anyway I digress, my aim is to create various images that have the common theme of hidden disabilities, that can be either viewed individually or as a collective image. As a preview to this I have produced a short video showing the creative process of one of the new images. I hope you enjoy. Please make sure you checkout the week of 15th-23rd on the Creative Future Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/creativefutureuk/

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