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Presenting Steve Edge

Steve Edge

As most people know I am fortunate to be part of a charity called Creative Future based in Brighton. I am one of the artists that they are helping to get our work onto a bigger stage. This year a new peer group was set up by them to help build on our personal development. We were asked if there were speakers that we knew of that were prepared to come and give a talk. I'd been toying with the idea of asking my good friend Steve Edge if he would like to give a talk. Steve owns Steve Edge Design Ltd in Shoreditch and I thought that it would be great to hear one of his amazing, inspirational talks at the group. I had already had the pleasure of experiencing one first hand and was a fan of his weekly wisdom videos on his website. As luck would have it, I saw a post on his website saying that if anyone was interested in Steve giving a talk that they should get in touch. Perfect, I made the call and was pleased to say Steve agreed to come and give a talk. I had the pleasure of visiting Steve at his studio in Hoxton Street a few weeks later to catch up and talk about Creative Future.

Fast forward to the morning of the talk and Steve arrives at my house to pick me up in his one of a kind Twisted Land Rover, brilliant alpine white with LED running lights and leather seats, very cool. The meeting was to be held in Jake Spicers' studio at New England House in Brighton, so on the way we chewed the fat and had a great laugh. As is usually the way we had to wait a small while for a few late arrivals but Steve took the time to introduce himself to everyone and settle into the room. Finally it was time for me to give Steve a very brief introduction and the talk began. Steve has an amazing ability to engage with anyone in the room and his energy is very infectious. He tells the story of a young boy growing up in London, struggling with dyslexia, being home schooled in a loving, bohemian home. His father Jed, who I knew before I met Steve, worked at Smithfield meat market but was also known for his collection of animals, some of them exotic, like Primo the chimpanzee. Steve's anecdotes touched on so many subjects that it would be hard to do them all justice here but his warm style, and at times, irreverent attitude mixed with compelling stories kept everyone on the edge of their seats for an hour and a half. Tales of George Lucas, Harrison Ford, Nelson and Hermann Göring mixed in with household brands like Coca Cola, Cartier, Fortnum and Mason and The Muppets was some ride, a glorious hell for leather ride that was over too soon. I could easily sit and listen to Steve talk all day, his lateral not literal twists, his inspirational not informational ideas and his profanity filter, which by the way is broken beyond repair, adds to spice up a most enjoyable talk. Everyone seemed truly pleased to have made it to the talk that day. I have a talk to give to the group soon but I've been left wondering how am I going to follow that.

Thanks to Steve and Chloe for making it a day to remember.

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