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Check, check and recheck

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

After watching some online tutorials about splitting up the various disciplines that I promote on my website, a while ago. I decided that it was time to update my site and do just that. I designed a new home page that was an illustration style on one side and a photograph on the other. The idea being that the viewer could click on the left half to go to my digital art and the right to see my photography. It looks great (I think), it's based on a camera taking a picture of my Leopard drawing and the image bursting out of the rear screen. I even made some of the camera buttons clickable to various other areas of my site and to some of my social links. Great, it looks "stunning". I decided to edit the header to clean it up too. Work all done I wrote a Wix shoutout and sent it to my faithful following, shared it on Facebook and Twitter etc. I wrote a blog about it and paid for a Facebook ad. All sounds good, my wonderful new website to be viewed by thousands. About 8000 in all. Excellent! Imagine my dismay when I discovered the mobile version of my site looked awful. Everything overlapped, there was way too much content for the mobile version. I spent the next day putting everything right. Running speed checks on Googles testmysight.com I found it to be getting a score of 96/100. Great all set, page published, reputation damaged from being over eager to publish, damage limitation initiated, hopefully all OK. So a while later I was reading some of the help Wix supply about site testing and it turns out the Google test isn't compatible with the way Wix publish websites. They suggested an alternative which on the face of it seemed great, you can tailor the test to your target audience. Trouble is the result shows that my site takes 7 seconds to load onto a mobile device, the recommended upper limit is 3 seconds. So looks like I have a lot more to check now!

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