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New Year, New Look

Ok, I know, it's half way through February already, but I trying ok? Only being able to do 2-3 hours a day makes time pass much more quickly. I kick myself about now every year because I can't get out to my favourite haunt to photograph the grass snakes basking in the early spring anymore. I found out recently that a new housing estate is planned to be built literally yards away from their habitat. This habitat is next door, by about a mile as the crow flies, to a SSSI marshland. I can't imagine what impact this will have on the local wildlife, all I know is that it won't be very good. So the new look for my local area will probably put to an end, permanently, any hope I have of shooting there again.

Anyway I digress, the real reason for the title of this blog is to celebrate my new website design. I learned recently that it is a good idea to split my various disciplines into very definite areas. So now I have my digital art side, my photography side and my showcase, which is more for my commercial work. The later is something that I really want to develope in the coming year. I think my style suits the commercial arena far better than the domestic picture to hang on the wall. Although I'd like to cross over to that as well. I have opened a North American print store from my site. I am also working with Creative Future to produce a new online store with them. Watch this space.

Building site hoarding for Steve Edge Design Ltd

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