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I am now fully into the AWAKE coursework and starting to really explore my creativity. Below are my latest additions of my work. We were asked to make a list of what things we could remove from our lives to enable us to live a more artistic life. It took me a week of sitting and thinking where to go with this. I had been downloading some images from inimage just browsing and cherry picking some that I thought may be useful. For some reason the image of a man in a gas mask caught my eye. I added the tattoos, the many layers, blend modes and filter effects to come to a point that I liked. I left it for a day and then revisited the image tweaking a few things, adding typography, until Havoc looked back at me. For the first time, since learning about them, I was glad to have used all the various settings and smart objects. It gave me an opportunity to revisit the image three times, each with their own identity. To start off this had always just meant to be a "finger exercise", as Sebastian calls it, fun, creating for the heck of it and something that might not even see the light of day. HAVOC was born and with it a direction for me to follow, it had got me to take a step back and think about the exercise.

HAVOCIII 2000x2000a.jpg

HAVOCIII 2000x2000.jpg

Havoc needed a partner, CHAOS quickly followed, my inspiration and creativity were of the moment, using the various design elements and settings, Chaos came quite quickly to me. Again three different versions.

CHAOS 2000x2000.jpg

CHAOSII 2000x2000.jpg

CHAOSIII 2000x2000.jpg

I had found the two things that I needed to take out of my artistic life and a set of images using a theme. I made light of the fact that the havoc in my life was having my 3 yr. old great niece and my soon to be 1 yr. old grandson running around me, disturbing my flow. And that the chaos in my life was thinking that I had my day planned out in front of me, only to have it changed after one brief discussion with my lovely wife, who has a habit of organising my day for me. I go from Dad's taxi to Daddy day care to personal shopper on a daily basis. Now there is no way in the world I would be without the havoc and chaos, I love my wife and family too much, they were not the inspiration for either piece but they sparked the concept. I had to look inside myself to realise what it is I need to succeed, the difficult bit is finding a way to include that into my life without losing the things that I care about. I still need the havoc and chaos to drive me to be more creative in the spare time I get and use my journal more and sketch ideas. So the irony is that by identifying the things that I don't want, I have found that I truly need them.


p.s. after airing my thoughts and the description of how the ideas came to me, I had to suffer one more thing I don't want in my life, Venom, my wife's, (joke). So two became three, became nine and I am still thinking of more five lettered words that I could use to add to my theme.




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