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AWAKE Living the (photo) artistic life

Those of you that have managed to navigate my website and/or know me, will know that I mention my tutor, Sebastian Michaels, from time to time. I took up the offer to enrol on his course Photoshop Artistry - Grunge after it being recommended to me by one of my other tutors Phil Steele. Needless to say since enrolling on both of these courses my skill set has increased 10 fold and my enjoyment of photography has been well and truly enhanced. Last year I started this website and dared to call myself a digital artist and photographer. It was a euphoric time, I had gone through tough times to come out the other side re-invented and at last doing something that I wanted to do since the age of 11. In March of this year I turn 51 so I've taken my time getting here. Traditionally I have been the sort of person that does something to a certain level and then moves on to the next best thing. I've literally spent thousands on my hobbies over the years. However in the background there has always been a frustrated creative wanting to burst out. 2014 saw me slowly rise, going self employed seemed the right and wrong thing to do. I've had some degree of success as you may know. I designed my brothers website, have one of my Gary Numan pictures on a cover of a book and opened my on-line T-shirt shop.

2015 has come in with a bang. My Tiger face drawing has been sold for the cover of an upcoming e-book. I don't know the title as yet but I will have a link to it when it's published. I've enrolled at the IOP (Institute of Photography) where I'm studying for an advanced diploma in photography. But by far the biggest thing that has happened to me so far is that I enrolled on Sebastian's new course called AWAKE Living the (photo) artistic life. This is a serious course, constantly challenging how I live my life, create my work and learn new techniques. Where as his first course, in comparrison, was almost a "do this, to get this" type of course. The new course is totaly different, there is a vast amount of content, Sebastian unpicks other artists work to show you how they create it. There are so many resources I need another hard drive! But the best thing is Seb is so inspirational, his delivery and thought provoking assignments are pushing me to new heights. Some of my work is to feature in a new magazine that he is creating for the course. He has shown me how to use my iPad to create on as well, so I'm constantly buzzing with ideas. Any way, I just wanted to share with you what I've been up to and display my coursework, in time I will have a dedicated gallery for it.


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