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T Shirts, Gary Numan and Exciting times.

I’ve been very busy of late creating, networking and pushing me out there. Sorry if you’ve been hit by loads of Facebook or Twitter requests but it’s important for me to gauge where I go from here. Will it be just a glorified hobby to occupy me whilst off work or will it give me work? I guess everyone questions themselves from time to time, for me a lot of the time. Procrastination is my worst enemy but I have had two very valid distractions lately. The birth of my beautiful grandson, a small bundle of joy, was the best thing to happen in our family for about a year, good times. The second distraction was attending a pain management course for five weeks. I have made some good friends there, people who I don’t have to justify my pain to because they have it too and understand it. For me I found the relaxation methods help me a lot and the psychology helped too.Anyway with all that going on I’ve got involved in a Facebook campaign called Download in the Park. Its aim is to get Gary Numan back into the UK charts. I had the honour and pleasure of designing (with input from several fans) the flyer and tee shirt. I got a lot from this process, initially coming up with a design that I thought was very apt. Gary is performing a homecoming gig at Hammersmith Odeon in November. So I was given permission from Louise Barnes, an ardent fan, to use one of her pictures for the flyer. I did quite a lot of post-production to get the image looking like a professional image and then added an overlay of the Union Jack and along the bottom a London skyline. I added the text “Numanoids* of the world unite” as the headline. I posted my draft to the group for feedback, I got plenty, 99% constructive and it taught me a valuable lesson. As you can see the flag and the skyline didn’t make it to the final edit for fear of upsetting fans from around the UK and the rest of the world. There was quite a heavy debate and I guess it showed me the struggle that designers have over artists. Artists can create whatever they like but designers have a brief and this can become restrictive to the creative process if you let it. That being said, I enjoyed the process and took the critiques very seriously. I really like the final edit of the flyer and as far as I’m aware so do the majority of the fans involved in the campaign. If I’m honest, from an artistic view, I would have kept the first version. But as a promotional tool it needed to be less cluttered. So anyway please follow the links to the FB group and my Tee shirt shop.


*Numanoid is the name adopted by many of Gary's fans.

#garynuman #downloadinthepark

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