Grass Snake
Hiding in a hedgerow
swan in reeds
This juvenile was sitting in a reed bed and was unable to pick up the speed to fly away from me. He just sat there and calmly let me shoot him.
Taken at a wildlife park
Tawny Owl
Taken at a wildlife park
Eagle owl
The eyes are captivating
Taken on a threatened SSSI
Neon Heights
Sometimes I experiment with various filters in Photoshop
Southover Grange HDR
My first attempt at HDR (High Dynamic Range) a technique that combines 3 images at various exposure levels to bring out the highlights and shadows.
Big Sky
Amazing early evening shot
Silverstone F1GP 2014
Some classic F1 cars on display
Silverstone F1GP 2014
Porsche super cup
Silverstone GP2 2014
Racing hard
Airbourne 2013
The mighty Red Arrows
Airbourne 2013
Airbourne 2013
Red Arrows
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© 2019 by Michael Strevens t/a Mik Strevens Digital Artist & Photographer

Tawny Owl

Taken at a wildlife park

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