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Hailsham Art Trail September 2018

See my artwork on a massive TV in Smythe & Barrie, nineteen pieces in total. New works and some of my commercial work as well. Runs until the 23rd of September.

Leopard Face Dispersion

Part of the new exhibition by Creative Future May 2018


Creative Future has taken 11 of their artists and created a new exhibition entitled "eleven" which runs from the 10th of May at the Brighton Dome as part of the Fringe Festival. The exhibition launches the artists work onto the world wide web as well, owing to the creation of a new website, where you can purchase, exclusive, limited edition prints of their work.

Creative Future said:

"We sell high quality limited edition art prints by emerging artists through our curated retail website. Featuring a wide variety of styles and mediums, all our artists experience barriers in accessing the mainstream art world due to mental health issues, disability, health, identity or other social circumstance. By purchasing limited edition prints through Creative Future you will get great art, invest in an artist who faces many personal challenges and support our work, enabling us to have a positive impact on more artists for years to come."

Anuket Goddess of the Nile

Tight Modern winners Tour 2017/8


Super proud to announce that my image is part of this year's Tight Modern Winners Tour. Vote for her here.


See her in the flesh at the following venues:

  • Jubilee Library, Brighton: 8 December 2017 – 3 January 2018 (closed over Christmas and New Year)

  • Redbridge Central Library, Ilford: 5 January – 18 January 2018

  • Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth: 20 January – 31 January 2018

  • MK Gallery, Milton Keynes: 2 February – 24 February 20189

Awake Living the Photo Artistic Life

Super proud to announce that two of my images were published in issue 10 of the Awake magazine.

Skin Game has also been chosen for this year's Tight Modern Tour. See more here.

Check out the Tight Modern on the BBC

Leopard 2015 21 Works of Photo Artistry That Will Blow Your Mind

My Leopard face drawing has been featured on along with 20 other artists work. The short piece talks about the lack of boundaries in creating the photo art. It also showcases the magazine accompanying the Awake course that I have been studying.

Tiger Face

Book deal


My Tiger Face Image has been used by Tim Garvin as the cover of his book titled Bhajan. 

Tight Modern

The Tight Modern Exhibition lands in Eastbourne from the 20th September to 5th October at the Towner Art Gallery. My piece titled Vintage Journey will be on display amongst the 60 other artists work lucky enough to be chosen. Really worth a visit.

Silverstone 2014

My wife bought me a ticket for the British F1 weekend at Silverstone. Having never been before I was keen to go despite my disability. I enjoyed the atmosphere but it's a big place to walk around and I found it very difficult. I was told that I couldn't sit in the disabled sections because I wasn't in a wheelchair which annoyed me, if like me you have an invisible disability, you will know where I'm coming from. Anyway I got to see the races and apart from the person's head in front of me getting in the way, I got some decent pictures for my first attempt.

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