Digital Art

A collection of my images using Grunge or fine art composition techniques. I am currently studying about this subject on a fantastic online course called Photoshop Artistry by Sebastian Michaels. Follow the link to check it out,  Sebastian is an incredible inspiration, an amazingly creative and excellent tutor. I have learnt so much from him.

evil takes hold
This image leaves the viewer imagining what is in the dark areas. I wanted it to feel like you are peering in through a gap in a door and only seeing a small part of the image.
Destiny Falling
I am an avid gamer in my spare time and this piece is inspired by gaming imagery.
Night Mare 3000 oil
This is one of the images from my 15 images collection. We were asked to make 15 different images using the same base image. In my case a rearing horse.
One of my images from my emotion collection
Wood nymph
Wood nymph is from my Awake coursework. Look closely to see creatures hiding in her locks.
Seshat-Goddess of writing
Part of my Goddess collection
no evil
My take on hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
Who knows what darkness goes on behind closed doors
skin game
skin game toured the UK as part of the Tight Modern 2016 Exhibition.
Anuket goddess of the nile
Part of my Goddess collection
Leopard Face 2016
Inspired by my Dad
Part of my Emotion collection
life 2015
A mother and child embrace
A drawing for my Aunty
Another of my Emotion collection
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© 2019 by Michael Strevens t/a Mik Strevens Digital Artist & Photographer